Career Day

Career day. A day symbolizing the inevitable; an event in which students are forced to face and think about their future. On January 26th, Oceana hosted over 30 different guests from a variety of different careers, ranging from petty officer to aerospace engineer, surgeon to marketing manager, and many, many more.

Veronica Gasco, the 9th and 10th grade guidance counselor here at Oceana and lead planner for Career Day, stressed the importance of this event by saying, “It is so important to have this type of event for students because it provides an opportunity for students to enhance their understanding around [different] careers and it encourages them to think about their post-High School plans.”

[Left to Right] Reeny Balestra and Alejandro Campos
During the event, students were exposed to numerous professions. Presenters such as Alejandro Campos, an aerospace engineer as well as former Oceana student, enticed students with his passion for discovery and applying it to his research. Others such as Tara Crapnell, an occupational therapist, and Lisa Sandles, a Gynecologic Oncologist, discussed the emotional and psychological rewards from helping other people in the health and medicine field.

Lisa Sandles

After interviewing different students on their thoughts on Career Day, the general sense is that they really enjoy it. Sally Lu believes that she is at a point where Career Day is most beneficial to her. “Being a Junior in high school, it really is the time to start thinking of what’s next. And this event really allows for me to do that and get an insight on different types careers as well as the challenges and benefits that come with it. ” Another student said, “I really like the idea of Career Day. Being from another country, this kind of event really lets me get know what the American workforce is like.”

[Left to Right] Tara Crapnell and Meg Duff
All in all, Career Day was a success, as it allowed for so many students to receive a taste of a variety of occupations.  The speakers inspire many students to embark on some career exploration of their own.

Send us a Snapchat on what your favorite career day presentation was and what plans, if any, you have for the future!

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