ASB Newsletter 2

Spirit Squad: Carmela Mamaril, Cathy Kintanar, Julia Vidal, Lance Lumidao, Krystal Zhao, and Louis Seftel

Current ASB Affairs:

Funds: $6088.22

Month: Proposals/Changes:
April School Official Committee is rewriting the ASB Constitution to better fit the way ASB functions currently.

Committee Events:

Committee: Current Events:
School Official: February 8 – Elections: ASB School Officials are working on elections for next school year.

October – March – Color Run: School officials have been in contact with Westmoor High School as our school is collaborating with them to plan their Color Run event.

Club Council: Beginning of February – March 23 – Spring Fest: Club Council is planning for Oceana’s annual Spring Fest which will include games, activities, food, and more.
Spirit Squad: February 8 – ASB sweaters: Spirit Squad is in the process of ordering ASB sweaters

All February – School Apparel: Spirit Squad has been working on other apparel to sell for the student body.

February – May – Spirit Week: Spirit Squad is brainstorming different and unique spirit days and new lunch games.

October – March – Color Run: School officials have been in contact with Westmoor High School as our school is collaborating with them to plan their Color Run event.

Fundraising: February 12-16 – Valentine Grams: ASB will be selling and giving out Valentine Grams to celebrate Valentine’s Day.
Dance: February 26-March 2 – Prom Tickets: Prom Committee will be selling prom tickets before prices increase the following week.
Sport: February 13 – Basketball Senior Night: Sports commissioners will be creating goodie bags for the seniors.

February 23 – Swim Meet: Oceana’s First Swim Meet

February 27 – Boys Tennis: Oceana Boys’ Tennis Team first match

Rally: March – Women’s Month:

February – May 11- Step Up Rally: Rally committee is discussing games and themes for our upcoming rally in May.

Academic Council: February 8 – AC Student Reps proposed a bathroom pass policy to Academic Council in hopes of making more equitable changes in the way some policies function. After a thorough discussion, Academic Council’s decision was to refine the proposal, continue the discussion, and hold a meeting again in the near future. We shall keep you updated on further dates.
Social Media: none

Class Events:

Class: Funds: Events:
Seniors: $3000 February 2 – Oceana vs. Terra Nova Quad: Senior class sold refreshments for the community to enjoy during the quad game.
Juniors $1600 March 7/March 14 – Tpumps preorders at library student store

March 21 – Tpumps Sale: Junior class is selling Tpumps in the student store next to the library and will take preorders.

Sophomores $1400 none
Freshmen $700 none

Upcoming (Next Month):

Date: Events:
All March Rally Committee – Women’s Month: Rally committee plans to have a Feminine Hygiene drive and will create a wall with famous women.
March 10 School Officials and Spirit Squad – Color Run: Oceana is in collaboration with Westmoor High School in planning a Color Run for the community.
March 23 Club Council – Spring Fest: Club Council is planning Oceana’s annual Spring Fest and discussing games, activities, food, and more!

If you have any questions or wish to learn more about ASB, please check out the ASBC Constitution or talk to your class officers.

Special Thanks

to the Newspaper Club for providing us

with a platform that made this newsletter possible

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