ASB Newsletter 1

By the School Official Committee: Wilson La, Nathan Garcia, Jullianne Regalado, Florence Chang, Chanel Lejano, Leah Sangalang

ASB is proud to present our first newsletter! Proposed by our junior class president, Florence Chang, and approved by our executive board—Wilson La, Merilou Bugay, Maggie De Guzman and Carmela Mamaril—each publication will consist of four parts: current ASB affairs, committee events, class events and upcoming events. However, since this is the very first publication, we’re going to kick it off with an introduction to the basics of ASB.

To start, here is the link to the Official ASBC Constitution and the link to the ASB Events Calendar, so you can meaningfully understand how ASB works and know when events will be coming up.

Every Tuesday and Thursday, starting at 7 am, ASB meets in Room 212 to plan their events. It begins with a debrief of events and reminders by Ms. David before we split up into committee or class time. The majority of zero periods are spent in committee time, which is when members of the same position meet and plan their events. (If that sounds confusing, don’t worry, it’ll be explained more later on). During class time, members of ASB divide into groups based on their grade to discuss.

Along with having zero period in the morning, ASB also hosts after-school work days on Tuesday and Thursday to bring plans to life. Work days are open to everyone and we welcome your participation so long as it remains productive. During the week leading up to an event, a workday takes place each day, with the exception of Wednesday.

The table below lists all of the different committees within ASB, which events they are in charge of, a general description of what is expected from them, and the position of the members and the students who comprise the committee.

Events Committee Description Members Students

-Freshman Orientation

-Back To School Night/FOP

-Open House


-ASB Summer Workshop

-Color Run

School Official -Elected + voting positions

-1 year term

-Lead class discussions

-Create class meeting agendas

Presidents Wilson La,

Nathan Garcia,

Jullianne Regalado,

Florence Chang,

Chanel Lejano,

Leah Sangalang

-Club Fair

-Harvest Fair

-Spring Fair

-Spring Fest

-Sock Drive

-Career Day

-Inter-club meetings twice a semester

Club Council -Elected + voting positions

-1 year term

-Support Presidents

Vice-Presidents Merilou Bugay,

Sarah Fishtrom,

Alyssa Castro,

Kerry Wong,

Bala Lwin

-Spirit Gear

-Spirit weeks

-CADA related events

-Halloween Fest

-Color Run

Spirit Squad -Elected + voting positions

-1 year term

-Takes notes during meetings

Secretaries Carmela Mamaril,

Cathy Kintanar,

Julia Vidal,

Krystal Zhao,

Louis Seftel,

Elijah Zaro,

Lance Lumidao

-Fog Fest

-Stussy Outlet Sales

-Student Store

-Winter Grams

-Valentine Grams



-Elected + voting positions

-1 year term

-Raise money

-Update classes on account balances

Treasurers Maggie de Guzman,

Aja Pineda,

Rahkem Bhojwani,

Leon Zhao,

Nhoelle Rocero



Dance/Prom -Applied + nonvoting position

-2 year term

-Plan all dances

Prom Commissioners Brianna Verduzco,

Edwin Garcia

-Tuesday PA announcements

-Thursday video announcements

-Chalk wall

Public Relations (PR) -Applied + nonvoting position

-2 year term

-Collect announcements from ASB, sports, and clubs

Public Relations Officers Lucas Tung,

Ariel Catanyag,

Stephen Huang,

Michael Sagum,

Kaylen Munoz,

Jaime Elepano,

Aaron Morales

-First rally in fall

-Last rally in Spring

-Winter Fest

Rally -Applied + nonvoting positions

-2 year term

-Keeps it hyped up

Rally Commissioners Jorreca Jane,

Ronary Castor,

Christine Montalvo,

Stephen Huang

Connor Chan,

Cameron Brown,

Cassandra Serrano

-Attends all AC meetings

-Assigns rotation of ASB members to attend

Academic Council -Applied + nonvoting positions

-2 year term

-Serves as as the liaison between the Academic Council and ASB

-Serve as AC reflector

Academic Council Representatives Ambika Nuggihalli,

Karina Gamez

-Attends meetings with head of sports department

-Interviews sports team members

-Notifies ASB and PR of upcoming sports events

Sports -Applied + nonvoting positions

-2 year term

-Meets frequently with Mr. Lai

Sport Commissioners Jonathan Tom,

Laurenz Guinid

-Publicizes all ASB and class events through social media and fliers

-No-Name calling week

-Yard Sale

Social Media -Applied + nonvoting positions

-2 year term

Social Media Representatives Samantha Tran,

Katie Fishtrom,

Emme Chow

To explain some of the descriptions, when students are elected they are granted a vote in proposals, however, non-elected officials/representatives do not get a vote. For example, the events listed are preassigned and any new additions need to be planned with specific information and voted on by elected officials. The ASB Constitution goes into more detail about how voting works, so if you are interested in learning more, please check that out.

Recently, ASB has established individual class advisors so that the work class officers do can be more focused and tailored to the needs of each class. Classes are led by four elected officers, who are in charge of planning and facilitating monthly class meetings. Class meetings are held during lunch, and all students are welcome and encouraged to attend. The purpose of class meetings is to help students within their classes announce, share, and communicate ideas and thoughts about events, activities, and interests that the students would love to partake in. To give a few ideas this includes field trips, class apparel, afterschool activities, and much more.

Class Class Accounts Advisor + Classroom Date
Freshman @ohsclassof21 Mr. Rustia – Rm 302 TBD
Sophomore @ohsclassof20 Ms. Bussell – Rm 213 Last Thursday of Month
Junior @ohsclassof19 Ms. Connell – Rm 203 2nd Tuesday of Month
Senior @ohsco18 Ms. David – Rm 212 First Tuesday of Month

Now that you understand how ASB works, we’ll move on to updates on what ASB is doing. From here down is what a regular ASB publication will look like:

Current ASB Affairs:

Funds: $6121

Date: Proposals/Changes:
01/09 Edwin Garcia changed positions and became our Junior Prom Commissioner.

Committee Events:

Committee: Current Events:
School Official: 03/10 – 5K Color Run: team up w/Westmoor
Club Council: 01/26 – Career Day: professionals will come talk to OHS students
Spirit Squad: 03/10 – 5K Color Run: team up w/Westmoor

Organizing ASB Sweaters

Fundraising: 02/12 – Spread the Love/Valentine Grams: packages for friends/loved ones will be sold
Dance: 01/20 – Winter Ball: 90-100 tickets sold
Sport: 01/26 – Sports Videos: Finished wrestling, moving on to basketball + senior night
Rally: 05/18 – Rally prep and brainstorm
Academic Council: Academic Council Meetings are every Thursday from 3-5pm in Rm. 207
Social Media: 01/27 – Yard Sale: Oceana will be selling lightly-used and donated goods

Class Events:

Class: Funds: Events:
Seniors: $3753 02/02 – (OHS vs TNHS): (Selling snacks and drinks)
Juniors $1533 01/31 – Basketball Game: OHS vs ECHS, selling pizza

02/13 – Senior Sweater Designs due

Sophomores $1232 01/30 – Wrestling Match: OHS vs Sequoia, selling snacks and drinks
Freshmen $646 TBD

Upcoming (Next Month):

Date: Events:
02/08 02/08 – AC Student Reps will be presenting their Bathroom Pass Proposal.
02/12 Fundraising Committee – Valentine Grams/Spread the Love: packages for friends/loved ones will be sold

We hope you will stay tuned to our announcements and continue to support us!

Special Thanks

to the Newspaper Club for providing us with a platform that

made this newsletter possible

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