What OHS Students and Staff Are Doing Over The Holidays

OHS 10th grade student, Hailey Chui plans on going back to her hometown of Hong Kong. She will leave the day after school ends and plans on staying for the entire duration of break. Hailey is a transfer student and was born in Hong Kong so she has many friends and family members to look forward to seeing. In Hong Kong, she plans on going to their DisneyWorld, meeting with friends and family, and most importantly, eating lots and lots of good food! Hailey recommends others going to Hong Kong because it is a good experience learning about their very different culture and lifestyle.

OHS math teacher, Mrs. Uhrenholt plans on going to DisneyWorld in Florida to participate in the Disney marathon. A marathon is about 26 miles and Mrs. Uhrenholt plans on it taking her roughly 6 hours of running! However, being able to complete the marathon regardless of time is an accomplishment in itself! She has been trying to train for the run but it meant having to run for 6 hours straight to build endurance which would be hard giving her full time job, finals, and the lack of daylight after school.

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