The Red Cross Club: Supporting Those Near and Far

First at a natural disaster, treating wounds and teary-eyed victims, the Red Cross is a universal symbol of compassion and care for humankind. Here at our local Red Cross Club promotes the same message. Co-founded by Emmy Huynh in 2015, her intent in starting the club as a sophomore was to “bring a little more spirit to our school with a club that tries to incorporate everyone.” Now, as an Oceana senior and club president, Ms. Huynh has created fundraisers for the treatment of diseases such as measles and rubella in developing countries and is now pushing for a blood drive on campus. When asked what her club does, she responded, “We try to provide more information about natural disasters, how to protect yourself from that and how to give back to the community. Whether it’s volunteering or donating, anything you can do, helps a lot.” Victoria Mach, the vice-president of the club, added that, “The main goal of red cross is to alleviate human suffering”. The freshman treasurer, Jessica Zhao gave her perspective, “I think that a lot of Red Cross is spreading the message to everybody, saying that we can do something to help others.” Ms. Huynh optimistically told us that, ”We really try to provide those relief services to everyone and it’s not possible for every single person on this planet to be assisted but we do try our best and that’s what keeps our momentum for us. So, join Red and [also] earn those community service hours!” The Red Cross club meets every Thursday in Room 115 and welcomes all who are interested, so please drop by!

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