Stress During Finals

It has been a stressful time for high school students.

Oceana High School students have been preparing for their end-of-the-year exams, called finals, since the end of Thanksgiving break. Everyone has been under pressure to bring their grades up or maintain them. The final is the last thing that will go in the grade book, and it will determine if grades go up when students do great, or down when they don’t do so great.

For Sophomore Humanities the final this year was a research presentation on a topic related to genocide. Students are engaged in self-directed research with a partner. The ones that are shy and quiet have to get out of their comfort zones, get up in front of the class, speak, and project their voice in order to get a good grade. The actual presentations occurred this past week, and some earlier, due to people missing the last week before winter break. On top of this presentation, there are still finals for other subjects like written assessments for Spanish, exams in math, labs in science and runs in P.E.

Students are naturally complaining about their stress levels going through the roof. This stress has a major impact on students’ study habits, and how they manage their time to prepare for finals. Sophomore Eliezer Baterina stated that his stress level is an 10 “because I’m worried that I might not do as well as I first thought I would. There’s also a lot of work to be done, especially in science and humanities.” Another student, Jaime Elepano says, “When it comes to projects, I’m just making sure to stay on top of due dates. As for tests, I take advantage of the prep work and focus on the questions that I struggle on the most. That’s how I prepare for my finals.” Most finals require study and practice. Even what some would call the easiest final – the run for PE – which doesn’t require studying, still requires students being rested and ready.

One could say that it is all based on time management. The best approach is to study for each subject an hour, and depending on when you take the exam, study for it in test taking order.

Best of luck to everyone on the end of finals! Don’t forget to eat a healthy breakfast and sleep well.

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