Puzzling Poles or Purposeful Pieces?

It all began with a plan to repaint and have new signs installed in both of Oceana’s parking lots. Mr. Barbour and Mr. Neuberger discussed it with John Schultz, the district maintenance director, and found that realistically, only one parking lot could be decked out with poles. The installments were paid for entirely by the district board, so nothing came out of Oceana funds—which is always good news for a small school such as ourselves.

The new signs are posted on poles so new that they still shine. They hold signs that indicate where the district buses should wait, where parents can park, and in what direction the traffic should move.

Mr. Barbour states that this was a decision “ to make the parking lot a safer space for students.” Elaborating, he says that the changes are intended to clear up the direction of traffic, create distinct parking areas, and reduce conflict between school buses and cars.

Brad Rau, a parent of an Oceana student, welcomes this change, as it has made things more clear and the parking lot easier to navigate. Some students have also expressed that the change is positive and makes the parking lot safer for them.

Mr. Barbour explains that there are still next steps: To get the parking lot painted over winter break, open up space for parking that is currently red-zoned, and then send out an announcement to the school and community to enforce traffic pattern.

So, there you have it, all the purposeful pieces have been revealed and the puzzling poles have been illuminated.

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