A Sense of Belonging–A Poem

Everyone craves me

Some have me while others don’t

What is the answer?



Everyone craves belonging

It can be the most joyous feeling, to belong, to embrace your role or the role you are chosen to play


The nice guy, the nerd, the jock, the basket case, the bully, the tool, the nerd; so many labels for skills and attributes that only make up a part of us


Some call us crazy, call whoever you want crazy…

For crazy… is just another word for unique


I myself have never felt in place, I’m sure many people can relate.

Out of place, out of thought, I tend to be…


A drifter

Never noticed when gone,

Never mentioned unless needed,

That one forgettable guy in the group…


Sometimes I think, I think really hard, would anyone notice if I disappeared?


Poof! In a cloud of smoke, one day gone.

Would anyone care? Would anyone even notice?


Not in that way, where u feel sad for that one person because you kind of knew them…

But really affected, in any way; joy, relief, sadness, pain


Have I ever really affected anyone?

Or have I just been that gnat in the background trying to get your attention


Whatever… is what I’d say, to cover up the pain or the fact that I care too much



That’s what makes it worth the wait doesn’t it?

The friends that stay the ones that you know truly care, the ones that make an effort, to make you feel like you might just BELONG, belong in a world you didn’t create, belong in a world where you’re old but new, belong in a world where you have nothing left to contribute or everything left to contribute and do


But either way, you still have much to learn…

As do I

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