Oceana’s Annual Winterfest

Starting early afternoon, Friday December 8th, the cafeteria of Oceana High School began its transformation into a Winter Wonderland. Right after school, a circus of students rushed around preparing the boring cafeteria into the cutest and warmest place in Pacifica.

Left to right: Freshman Class President Leah Sangalang; Freshman Representative Cassandra Ramirez
Freshman Class Treasurer Nhoelle Rocero

An interview with ASB Freshmen Class Representative Cameron Brown revealed the setup of Winterfest. ASB students set up a stage, hung the lights, baked cupcakes, and made food to sell. Cameron didn’t join the planning committee until about a week before the event. Cameron was in charge of finding staff for the various stations during the actual day of Winterfest. The only hiccups during the event for Cameron were some staffing issues, but thankfully, none that weren’t easily solved.

Attendees entered a room of warm, low light. Fairy lights hung everywhere, and snowflakes sparkled. The night was filled with games, food and friends. First, people made their way to the ticket booth in the student store where they bought tickets, 1 for $0.50. All the money spent by students, staff, and visitors went to ASB and will be used to pay for other school events.

Sophomore Class Treasurer Leon Zhao; Senior Class Treasurer Aja Pineda; Junior Prom Commissioner Faith Malabed.

From there, attendees enjoyed the night with good music, sweet activities, fun games, tasty food and most importantly, friends and community members. Many people stood up and performed while others made snowmen from donut holes. There was a bean bag toss where winners helped donate socks to low-income and homeless people over the holiday season. In total ASB donated 70 pairs of socks. For those feeling adventurous, they could get their face painted by OHS student Jamie Pineda. If visitors felt they needed a rest they could sit down and watch Harry Potter on the big screen.

Many people stepped out of their comfort zones and stood up at the open mic. Singers, guitar players, a violinist, and dancers all graced the stage. Oceana performers included the talented Rahkem Bhojwami, Westley MacIntosh, and Claire Dandan. Westmoor’s Polynesian Club took the stage with a jaw dropping performance.The performers were a very diverse group, and all were fiercely applauded.

Westmoor’s Polynesian Club took the stage with a jaw dropping performance.

For those who missed Winterfest, it was quite the celebration of community and of the season. You can catch it next year!

Jamie Pineda’s wonderful artwork on ASB President Wilson La
Junior Class Secretary Julia Vidal and ASB Secretary Carmela Mamaril
OHS basketball players bond at Winter Fest after a game.


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