4 Ideas to Make the Best of Your Winter Break

With the semester coming to a close, Winter Break is coming. It’s the time off that everyone needs and deserves.

Typically, we associate winter with snow and activities such as skiing, sledding, and making snowmen. But in Pacifica, it doesn’t snow. Unless you’re traveling for the holidays, you might find yourself stuck at home with nothing to do. But worry not– you don’t have to be bored. Below is a list of some fun and productive ways you can spend your break at home.

  1. Make a Pinterest account.

Pinterest is a website chock-full of ideas to spark your inner creativity in fashion, food, arts and crafts, you name it– there are endless pages to browse through and get ideas from. All you need is to sign up with your email, and in just a few simple clicks, you have an account!

One of the main features of Pinterest is the user’s ability to create and share “boards.” When you find an image you like, you can “pin” it to a board. Using this feature, you can put together a visual display of things that you like or find inspiring.

And, remember, Pinterest isn’t exclusively for artistic people! Part of the fun is finding tutorials and making new things; who knows, you might even find a new hobby.

2.) Learn a new language.

Studying language is a great way to keep your brain engaged during the time off and is also a useful skill to have, especially if you’re interested in travel or planning to move to another country in the future. It can be a ful activity to explore.

A good place to start is to download a language app. More than likely, there will be an app for a language that you want to learn. An app that I personally recommend is Duolingo, which helps you practice spelling, translation, and pronunciation with a clean, easy-to-use interface and interactive learning activities. It will even remind you every day to practice!

Another suggestion is to keep a journal, particularly if you’re learning a language that doesn’t use characters in the English alphabet, because knowing how to read and write a language is just as important as speaking it. It might sound like a lot of work, but really, even if you’re just practicing for ten minutes a day, you’re still making progress. And if you keep it up, you will learn a lot in a fairly short amount of time.

3.) Read a book.

In the modern age where we primarily consume information on our phones, sometimes we forget the beauty of reading a good, old-fashioned hardcover or paperback book. For many of us, the last time we even opened a book was probably for a school assignment.

Reading is a great way to pass the time, and there are many stories that are so well-written that they stick with us. But how exactly can you find a book that’s so thrilling you simply cannot put it down? Go to a local library, look up book reviews, search for genres that you like. Or maybe there’s a series of books you’ve been meaning to get around to, but just have been too busy to pick up. There’s no better time than the holidays to sit down with a good book and a warm mug of hot cocoa or tea.

4.) Go outside.

So maybe none of the things I’ve mentioned are really your thing. Maybe you’re someone who prefers a little more of an adventure. Just because you’re staying at home over the break, that doesn’t mean you’re stuck indoors. Go out and do something! Bring a friend or two with you, if you want.

On those slower days especially, it feels nice to get out and be active. Even if it’s just a simple walk around the neighborhood, it’s a literal breath of fresh air and can do a lot to pick up your mood.

And, maybe if you’re feeling up to more of a challenge, you can go running or hiking. Both locally and throughout the Bay Area, there are countless spots for venturing out and exploring, all with a fantastic view of the ocean.

If you’re not feeling up to breaking a sweat, but still want to go out, look for a cool new restaurant. Do some research, read Yelp reviews. You might just find a new favorite. Personally, I recommend 4505 Burgers & BBQ in San Francisco. It’s a little far if you live outside the city, but the food is definitely worth every penny.

Regardless of how you choose to spend your break, remember, have fun, stay safe, and keep warm!

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