7 Things You Need to Know About Academic Council

As a student of Oceana High School, you may think that you know about everything our school has to offer, but there is actually much more happening than what meets the eye. I’ll be your guide today into the new territory that is AC, so, without further ado, let’s begin:

  • Misleading as it sounds, this acronym does not stand for air-conditioning but for Academic Council, the leading governing body of Oceana High School.


  • AC makes very important decisions that can impact everything about our school. To approve new school policies or adopt changes to previous ones, the Academic Council votes through consensus. Some examples of policies AC has discussed in the past are: dress code, cafeteria usage, field trips, interims, the school-wide outcomes and the curriculum. (Pretty cool stuff if you ask me).


  • Our principal, 5 certificated teachers, 2 student representatives, 1 parent representative, and 1 office staff representative are voting members that make up AC.Although people dropping by do not get a vote in the matters under consideration, Dr. Cervantes, our Vice Principal of Guidance and non-voting attendee of AC, explains that AC members, “listen to what others have to say… before they make a decision.”


  • AC meetings are held after school on Thursday from 3-5pm, every week, in Room 207.


  • Everyone is welcome to come. AC is a public meeting for anyone to come and share their ideas or perspectives. Fresh out of his sabbatical (a fancy word for taking a break from work) and straight into a voting position on AC, Mr. Yuen reveals, “[I] usually shy away from politics, shy away from decision-making, but since I stepped in, I see much more and understand… why decisions are made. So far—and it’s only been 2 or 3 months of experience— but so far, it’s been really enlightening.”


  • There are refreshments for people who attend. The food ranges from pumpkin pie to crackers and cheeses to chip and dip – basically, anything you could imagine a teacher could buy with their salary.


  • Want to be more involved?When election time comes around, sophmores can apply to be the Junior representative on AC through ASB. Students who are thinking about applying should know it is a 2 year long position. Our current Junior rep, Karina Gamez, stresses that student participation is extremely important on the council and encourages everyone to reach out to her or Ambika Nuggihalli, the Senior representative for AC,  if you have any questions.


I hope you learned something new and will consider coming to an AC meeting, as it really is a place to make your voice heard and to empower you to help shape our school to be the best it can be! ೕ(•̀ᴗ•́)

Special thanks to Ms. Beth, Mr. Barbour, Ms. Torres, Mr. Yuen, Dr. Cervantes and Karina Gamez for allowing me to interview them! Their responses provided the information that allowed me to write this article as accurately as possible.

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