What Our Basketball Team Wants to Tell You

“Fun”, “competitive”, “educational”, and “exciting” are descriptions that Oceana basketball players used to explain their experience on the Oceana basketball teams. Taking place in the winter season and spanning nearly three months, basketball is a sport of commitment, but also one of great satisfaction. When asked why he plays, Ryan Guinid, a junior on the boys’ team, says, “I love the game and it’s a way to get all of my emotions out.” Sabina De Castro, a senior on the girls’ team, says, “I’m looking forward to having a lot of fun during my last year at Oceana with my friends, I’m really excited.”

For those of us who may not be too keen on the idea of playing, there are still plenty of opportunities to support our teams. Halle Gotico, a junior on the girls’ team, reveals that, “By attending Oceana’s basketball games and supporting all four of the teams, you’re supporting all of the people involved in the basketball program who spend countless hours outside of school doing something they love.” Similarly, a player who wished to remain anonymous shares, “I think people should come out to support Oceana’s basketball games because we feed off of everyone’s energy from the crowd. The cheering, the yelling, just all the energy around us inspires us and impacts the Sharks to play more aggressively and to get us hyped up for our games.”

Our basketball team wants to tell you that you can contribute to the spirit and success of our teams.  By making a positive atmosphere for them to feel supported, you are helping them play at their best. To close, we have a prediction from Jordan Martin, a junior on the boys’ team: “This season all Oceana teams are going to win” and you can help make that a reality.

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