How to Stay Organized For School

In just a few weeks, the grading period will end, which may be a stressful thought for some, or a relief to others. In either case, now is the time to make sure everything you have is organized and set straight as the semester comes to a close. Here are a few tips to stay organized for school.

Although these may be obvious things to use to stay organized, making these small changes can be very effective when organizing for school.

  1. Use a Binder

Binders are helpful for keeping your schoolwork organized. Simply adding dividers into your binder and sorting papers accordingly makes it easier to access anything you’ll need within a turn of a page.

2. . Use Folders

Folders keep papers organized, whether it’s two pockets or twenty, by separating your papers into different categories. Arrange your folders by the type of assignment for each subject, or one large folder for all of your classes. Don’t make your categories too complicated because it may confuse you or leave your papers in a mess.

3. Use Color

This is one of the easiest ways to separate your worksheets, homework, and passed-back work, using color. Color coordinate your classes, for example: math can be pink and humanities could be blue. This makes it easier to find your different folders and binders because you have associated each class with a color. If using color isn’t something for you, try using patterns for each subject or even a theme. For example, literature could be sunflowers, while chemistry is roses.

Overall, find what is best for you. Hopefully these ideas have either given you new ideas for organization or motivation to keep you going until the end of this semester. Stay organized and good luck with the last few weeks!

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