Girls Tennis

Fall sports have come to a close, signifying the end for Oceana’s girls’ tennis season.

The 2017 fall tennis team was led by Coach Lee Medvedoff. Ever since his high school experience on the tennis team, Coach Medvedoff had a clear passion for this sport and decided to offer it to the Oceana community. He has been coaching for the past two years along with the assistance of team’s manager. Together, they helped lead the team to 8th place in the Ocean Division.

New players had positive experiences as fresh members of the Oceana Girls’ Tennis Team. Julia Riker, a student at Oceana and new member of the tennis team, stated, “Even if you are bad at the beginning you will eventually get better.” She also explained how playing tennis has taught her to “never give up,” which is an important aspect of many sports. As Coach Medvedoff stated, “Tennis is a very mental sport and requires a lot of focus.”

Joining the team takes a lot of time management and commitment, but is an accomplishable feat for those who are willing to put in the effort and work. From mid-August to late October, practices took place four days a week after school, with weekly match days on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Each match consisted of four single players and three double teams who play the best of three sets. Additionally, a complete match lasted about 2 hours, so spectators and player alike have to come prepared with snacks or energy supplements.

For anyone wanting to play sports, try something new, or is regretting not joining the team this year, there is alway next year! Lastly, congratulations to the girls tennis team who played this season and gave it their all. Good work!

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