Do you like derivatives, trig functions, and polynomial graphs? Or are you someone who despises math because you find it annoying, difficult, and confusing? If your answer to either of those questions is “yes,” then SOHCAHTOA Club may just be the place for you.

This club is a resource for students to get help with math from other students. Perhaps for some students who are struggling in math, approaching a teacher for help is nerve-wracking, which is why in SOHCAHTOA club, you can seek help from fellow peers. Any day of the week, you can visit Room 103 during lunch, where tutors will walk you through any math problem that you are struggling with. The club is open for anyone to visit, whenever you need the help, and is also open to more students who are interested in tutoring.

Not only will students gain a better understanding of particular math concepts, but the tutors also gain skills in speaking, explaining, and teaching, which in turn builds an even higher understanding of math, so everyone can benefit.

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