Bay Area Sports Update


🏀Golden State Warriors (15-6): 2013 Golden State Warriors | Michael Tipton | Flickr

Even though the Golden State Warriors have not been performing as well compared to their previous seasons, it is still early, so don’t panic yet. The only thing that can drag us down are possible injuries. That is why we lost the November 27th game to the Sacramento Kings: both Kevin Durant and Stephen Curry sat out. The Warriors just need to get it together, limit their turnovers, and sustain their leads. Once they return to their championship form, we will have no more worries.

🏈San Francisco 49ers (1-10):

Even though the 49ers are having a losing season and each game is hard to watch, they have a high upside for the future and can become better this offseason. The November 19th game was, of course, a blowout, but if you didn’t see, at the end of the fourth quarter, our starting quarterback was injured in a play. So our backup, Jimmy Garoppolo (who the 49ers have recently traded for, from the New England Patriots) came in and completed all his passes, and even threw an accurate late-game touchdown between defenders. If you haven’t seen it, it was an amazing play. He is set to play the next game at Chicago versus the Bears, so tune in on November 3 at 10:00 am on CBS.

⚾San Francisco Giants (offseason):

After a disappointing season, the San Francisco Giants are ready to start anew and hopefully fix most of their problems this offseason. With free agency and trades starting to happen, they will be able to address problems like their terrible outfield and batting averages. Fans are still hoping to see them in the World Series again. Maybe this is the season.

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