How to Make Your School Planner Prettier

I think we can all confidently say that Oceana’s school planner is not the most visually appealing thing we’ve seen before. The format is very restrictive and hard to work around. The planner limits how creative a student can be, causing him or her to simply never use their planner or just buy a new one instead.


I personally am one of those people, who have decided to find a new planner, even I don’t use my school planner. Here are a few weekly layouts from my own personal planner that I use instead of the school provided planner.

I have decided to tackle this issue of “an ugly planner” some students say, by attempting to use the school planner for a few weeks and finding ways to beautify it. Listed below are three different tips I have to make your school planner prettier.

Disclaimer: These are not the only ways to improve your school planner. Also, if you decide to test these ideas out, don’t feel obligated to buy new pens and art supplies, try using what you have nearby first!

1. Use color

This is one of the easiest ways to make your planner a little better. Take out your highlighters, colored pens, markers, colored pencils, and crayons to improve your planner. Highlight important events, color coordinate your classes, or simply just write in a colored pen in your school planner. By just using a little color, your school planner will look better than it did before.

2. Use Stickers

I would be lying if I said that making all of the stickers fit into the boxes was easy. The restrictive layout of the planner made it difficult to find stickers that would fit, but overall the end result is pretty. Stickers are one of the easiest things you can add to your school planner to make it more visually appealing than it was before.

3. Create Themes

This is one of my favorite things I like to do in my own personal planner, create themes. Simply choose a topic, whether it’s an object, television show, movie, etc, and make it the theme of the week in your planner. In the example above, the theme is pumpkins, and it is carried out all throughout the spread. Use complimenting colors, aesthetic pictures, and stickers to create your theme of the week. Be creative and have fun while doing so!

Making your planner prettier is not that hard if you’re willing to put in the work. Although I’ll be sticking to my personal planner rather than the school provided one, it was very fun to try out and find ways to improve our school planner. Hopefully, these ideas are helpful for those wanting to fix their school planner or just simply just a fun read. Happy Planning!

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