Halloween Fest 2017


‘Twas four nights before Halloween, and all throughout Oceana, the sounds of celebration could be heard. With the spooky month coming to a close, the school threw its first-ever Halloween Fest, to highlight the upcoming holiday. This event had students, parents, and teachers gushing on how much fun it was and how nice the decorations were.

The first thing to be noticed walking up to the courtyard was the themed music. It completely set the tone for the festivities happening inside the cafeteria – a warm glow emanated from inside the structure. It was definitely inviting.

There was a multitude of booths lining the perimeter of the cafeteria, adorned with banners and fairy lights. A stage was set up on one end to host performers for the open mic. People were scattered about, taking in all the festive cheer.

To participate, one first would need to buy tickets at the ticket booth, located at the shark store. The prices were a ticket for fifty cents, three tickets for a dollar, and the grand deal, a wristband for ten dollars, which allowed participants to do everything at once.

The offerings were abundant. There was a carmel apple station that gave you the option to decorate your apple, with oreos, salt, or multiple colored sprinkles. There was a witches brew station, which gave the option of ordering strawberry lemonade, sparkling apple cider, or water. At the slime station, one could make either green, purple, or orange slime. There was also the option of adding glitter! The monster blast was a game similar to the likes of a milk bottle game, where you toss a ball or beanbag at a stacked pyramid of cans and win a prize. In this case, the prize was candy.

One could carve a pumpkin and get tattooed with monster tattoos. One could even get their face painted, with a rainbow or Barry Benson. The OSPTO had a booth there as well: a bean bag toss of sorts where the beanbags were candy corn-filled bags (you got to keep the candy corn, yum). Furthermore, a photobooth was set up on the side of the stage, adorned by a multitude of props, like a Batman mask.

Lastly, at the a food station, the goodies were a great price. The delicious treats included mac n cheese, kale salad, and decorated cupcakes for a five dollar meal deal.

After enjoying all the activities, the performances began where each was wonderful and unique in their own way. From singing to dancing to playing musical instruments and much, much more.

Once dusk arrived, the haunted house opened, and screams were heard across the cafeteria. The author of this article did not go in because they were too chicken. However, they heard from the many students that survived the trip into the made over teachers’ lounge that it was really scary, fun, and that the “jump scarers” did a great job at making them scream.

Movies also playing along a wall, so one could sit down and watch the likes of Hocus Pocus, The Nightmare Before Christmas, and many more spooky movies.

This night was definitely a fun one that will be hard to forget. It was filled with holiday cheer, or shall we say, fear? Overall, the fest was a success, and the next one will be awaited with much anticipation.

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