A Short Story: Debt Unpaid, Part I

Always has humanity been on the front lines of war. Not with their armadas, nor infantries. Humanity had long ago decided that they would only wage defensive wars, they would only commit troops to conflicts that were righteous in nature. They refused to join in wars for expansion, never conquering. But on every front line, in every army, humans were always there.

It began when the human organization, known as the Red Cross, met the intergalactic agency called Hands for Hearts. They were found most often in the slums of gigantic cities known as megalopolises, space stations that were abandoned, helping those who are in need. When Yosemite on the continent of North America finally erupted, the devastation brought on Sol-3 was phenomenal. Four billion humans died in a matter of days. Even counting every colony and every human traveling outside of the United Human Systems, humanity lost about a fourth of their population. The Red Cross, and its sister organizations the Red Crescent, Red Crystal, and Red Lily, could not together handle a fraction of the disaster.

When Hands for Hearts dropped out of Faster-Than-Light (FTL) Travel above the skies of Earth, they appeared in numbers so vast the humans’ scanners glowed to the point that one tech nearly went blind. The UHS military went to Defense Alert Psi, nearly firing on the organization. Luckily, a human that had been volunteering for the organization was able to get to a communications center to ease the situation.

Then they landed.

Stay tuned for the next installment…


2 thoughts on “A Short Story: Debt Unpaid, Part I

  1. Jennifer Ferrer says:

    Great job my wonderful son. Keep it up! You always make me proud. Though, the megaloppopppllissepleassseeee.. I don’t understand.. You’re mom is so proud of you. I love you…


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