The First Rally of the 2017-18 School Year

Last week, students participated in a superhero-themed spirit week leading up to the rally that occurred on Friday, October 6th. Congrats to the juniors on their win! Many students agree that this rally has been a serious step up from the past ones.  “A rally so lit the teachers had to plug their ears in,” says a student that witnessed the exciting event.

Junior Dance

The rally opened up with a series of games including “Hulk Smash” and trash can stacking. While the games were both entertaining and enjoyable, the star activity of Oceana rallies remains the much-anticipated dances. When asked what part of the rally she was most looking forward to, Katie Kwan, a student at the school, replied, “The dances,” as did many others. After each game, the floor was cleared as the dancers got into position. The Juniors took first place with a perfect score of 40, well-deserved considering the hard work and effort they put into each dance. And a great job to everyone else who participated in the dances; each one was well worth the hype. What a great way to start off the year!

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