Oceana Newspaper Returns!

By Staff

Many students and staff at Oceana High School don’t know that the school once had a newspaper, an online publication that covered school events as well as national news. Now after a long three years, the school newspaper has come back from the depths of the internet, with a new name:  Shark’s Tribune.

It has been revived, revamped, and made anew. Now, a dedicated team of writers, graphic designers, and photographers are working hard to make the newspaper amazing. We will be covering school events, buzzing about school sports and clubs, informing about local events, critiquing restaurants, products, and services, giving advice, issuing polls, and other topics that are of interest to the students.

Editor in Chief, Karina Gamez, describes the paper as a platform for student expression and development of writing and creative skills: “…either that be through writing, photography, reporting or graphic design, the students are ultimately creating something timeless which will hopefully exist long after they’re gone.” Other editors and writers include Nadha Rau, Eva Parabaniuk, Banaz Sinjary, Anthony Tolosa, and Quinn Nguyen-Do. The paper’s debut has also been highly assisted by the graphic design talents of Halle Fernandez-Gotico, Julia Alberto, and Laviero Mancinelli.

In addition to posting on the website, Shark’s Tribune will be using social media to conduct polling, to keep everyone updated on upcoming stories and events and ultimately giving everyone a glance at the newspaper’s life. Social media will also grant the rest of the Oceana community opportunities to be apart of the paper by being able to send in questions, poll requests, poems, original content, story ideas, or any other suggestions of interest.







The dedicated staff of Shark’s Tribune 

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