Fog Fest 2017

As usual, the one weekend we celebrate fog in our community is the one weekend without it.

The annual Fog Festival took place on the last weekend of September, as it has over the last 30 years. The festival is a craft-based event that showcases different artists, crafts-people, musicians, and food vendors from all over the community.

Local vendors describe it as a “multicultural representation of what our Pacifica is about” and as “a spectacular way to welcome people into our community.”

In addition to being an amazing festival in our community, Fog Fest has served as a great opportunity for Oceana High School to fund raise, and for our students to get further involved in their community. Keziah David, the Student Activities Director at Oceana High, not only stresses it as one of the school’s biggest fundraisers, but also explains how it “gives a chance to all our students to truly immerse themselves in the local community and be able to exercise their problem solving and collaborative skills in the real world.”

This year, OHS students took charge by using our very own baseball field as a parking lot, as well by organizing “green teams” throughout the festival to ensure litter was properly disposed. Both Belinda Tam and Pichy Jumpholwong, students at OHS and volunteers at Fog Fest, explained their volunteering was a great experience. “I would definitely recommend it to all students because not only do you gain community service hours but it really helps build your communication skills with others,” explained Pichy.






This year’s Fog Fest numbers are still being crunched, however, it’s been confirmed by our Student Activities Director that OHS made over $1000 just in tips! It’s safe to say that Fog Fest was not only a successful event in the community, but for our school as well.

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