My Experience in AP Calculus


Taking an Advance Placement course is not easy. It is challenging and difficult to maintain a high grade in class. Compared to a regular, none-AP course, the workload is enormous. This year, I took AP Calculus, one of the most challenging math courses offered at Oceana. It is taught by Mr. Yuen, and will require a lot of knowledge from trigonometry.  Calculus, is a lot about integrals, slopes and limits of graphs, and differential equations.

Mr. Yuen is a great teacher, and learning from him is not difficult. Most of Calculus’ difficulties are understanding and using the many concepts learned in class.

When taking Calculus, remember to bring a good graphing calculator and maybe an extra one in emergencies. Graphing is a prominent part of Calculus and knowing how to properly use a graphing calculator is extremely helpful. Another tip for people planning to take Calculus and hoping to succeed is to always take notes and try the example problems. Most of the learning comes from notes and practice, because practice makes perfect.

The last few months of class will then focus on practicing for the AP Test so practicing is even more important. If planning to take AP Calculus, remember, always be prepared with pencil and paper, and always have your calculator. If you pay attention and ask for help when needed, it will make Calculus much more bearable.

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