Looking Back at OHS Prom 2014

With a busy schedule to live by and an even tougher plate of obligations surrounding it, making to Junior-Senior Prom this year was a struggle for many. Although Prom polarized individual students, it was nevertheless an unforgettable night as Oceana returned to Neverland at the Fort Mason Conference Center in San Francisco.

Prom Ticket to OHS Prom 2014. Photo Courtesy of Jeremy C. Curimao.
Prom Ticket to OHS Prom 2014. Photo Courtesy of Jeremy C. Curimao.

Over the course of two months, Prom was sold out to just under 200 students at the very last minute. By purchasing the prom ticket from student activities director Ms. Bookwalter, students received two food coupons for Seoul on Wheels and The Creme Brulee Cart, two food trucks that serviced the event. Students also received a pamphlet regarding studio portraits and an additional two free coupons for the exciting Photo Booth. We had our money’s worth!

Photo Courtesy of Jeremy C. Curimao
Photo Courtesy of Jeremy C. Curimao

Looking back on the actual night, everyone looked simply perfect. Juniors and seniors dressed their absolute best. The females were dazzling, looking nothing short of fantastic in their bright-colored dresses. Bold reds and solid blues dominated the dress color palette at prom, with a mixture of fun teals and bright pinks, in between. Most dresses had fancy jewels encrusted near the upper body area, which accentuated the dresses even more.

We also have to give credit to the males! Guys complemented their dates by matching the bright colors. Most had a sleek, fancy tuxedo, with smooth, silk vests and shiny, new ties to replicate the females’ appearance. Some even bought new, shiny black shoes to further stand out!

Most couples matched with corsages and boutonnieres. The flowers made couples look even better, with whites and blues standing out over black suits and plain skin.

Oceana students danced the night away, and had a delight with the music played by the DJ! The food was sub-par, considering it came from a food truck, but people enjoyed it anyway!

Prom really only matters if you make the most out of it and try to have the best time with your friends! Prom only happens (at the most) twice in your life, so make those two nights count! You’ll regret it in the future if you don’t!

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