Documented, a film by Jose Antonio Vargas

( photo courtesy of
Photo courtesy of

Last week, in the Little Theater, all the Juniors at Oceana had the pleasure of watching  Documented, a documentary film by an undocumented American. The documentary’s main point was to showcase and explore life as an Undocumented American from the Philippines.  This is how Vargas, the filmmaker and journalist, was living his life: in fear each day. Vargas is standing up to bring people’s attention to how immigration could be America’s solution not the problem.

In this documentary, Vargas gets very personal and shows how immigration affects him as a person but also how it affects his family and friends. Vargas is a very successful writer for the New York Times, Huntington post, and Washington Post.  After finding out he was illegal when he was 16, he accepted that he had to live in fear.  When he was in his late 20’s he watched The Dreamers, which is a group of teenagers who are illegal and proud, and he was inspired. He realized he wasn’t standing up for who he is and trying to get equal rights. The Dreamers changed his point of view on himself as an undocumented person.  He ended up taking a cover of Time photo with the Dreamers.

( Photo courtesy of
Photo courtesy of

Vargas dealt with a lot of personal problems, being an undocumented American.  He is not able to travel and cannot see his family.  Everyone at Oceana who saw his documentary was touched and had the honor of meeting Mr. Vargas in person.

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