Athlete of the month: Dakota Diaz

Dakota was the co-captain of the Oceana wrestling team for this past season. Dakota began wrestling as a freshman at Oceana High School and has loved it since.

During my interview he said “I’ve wrestled every year since attending Oceana and I’ve always looked up to the captains of the wrestling team, from James my freshman year to Christian my sophomore year. I aspired to become the captain from the beginning and I’m glad I had the opportunity this year. Although we had a ton of new people who were inexperienced in wrestling, I could see the potential in the team. With all the hard work, dedication and motivation the team put forth, I’m glad to have led and taught them in the path to out successes.”

The past season was an outstanding season for the sharks who won 1 place in C.C.S. , which has been a first in 24 years. He has helped a lot of the beginners and helped a lot of his veteran friends improve by being a great role model and a great teacher. He knows how it feels to start off wrestling being thrown and getting a lot of pressure and he said “I know how it feels to get beat up and how frustrating it can be to learn new, unfamiliar techniques. I know how much pain and extremity your body will experience with this sport. In time, you will adapt to the wrestling lifestyle and you will improve. It will be worth it in the end and you will gain priceless skills through this sport. ”

Although the season is over he can’t wait for next year to take another shot at winning the title

Oceana's 2014 Wrestling Team
Oceana’s 2014 Wrestling Team


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