Pie Ranch: Homeslice

photo credit by www.pieranch.org
photo credit by http://www.pieranch.org

Homeslice is Pie Panch’s youth program.  During the summer of 2014 there is an internship which is an intensive training program for high school students to learn about and grow food. Hai Vo, the homeslice coordinator here at Oceana High School, explains it’s great way to meet new friends and  get payed.  Most importantly he feels it teaches potential leaders about being responsible and being motivated.

The internship is from June 23rd to August 6th.  Four days out of the week there will be meetings. Being in this internship is for people who are motivated to do the work like growing food, cooking the food and learning where the food we eat comes from. There is work in the fall internship to be involved with the garden and volunteer after school.

Summer interns will be paid $1800 for participating in activities and being productive.

The internship requires getting up in the morning at 7 am and preparing the food, having breakfast and cleaning up. Around 12 pm interns gather and do activities, set up with workshops, work on public speaking skills, and learn to cook.

Homeslice is a great way to learn about food and having a great time over the summer.


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