How To Improve Your Smartphone Battery Life

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People are constantly using their smartphones. It can be very annoying to use it for a few hours only to find that it has already run out of battery power. These are a few methods to make your smartphone charge last longer:

1. The first step is to find the correct charger for your phone. There are many cheap, knock-off chargers that are offered but they are not as efficient and fast as the official chargers. Also, any other charger besides the official brand name charger can cause a risk of injury or hazard.  There were many occurrences of people getting shocked or injured from counterfeit iphone chargers last year.

2. The next step in the process is to change your phone settings. All you need to do is turn off everything that you are not using at the current moment. For example, if your phone is connected through 4G service, turn off your Wi-Fi because it is draining your battery as long as the Wi-Fi setting is on even though you are not using it. Also if your phone uses multitasking, make sure that you quit or close that app that you are done using.

3. The final step is to purchase an external battery because it can really help if you use your phone a lot and your current battery dies. It is a great back up for people who constantly use their phone everyday.

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