Teacher Protests

Photo Courtesy of Adam Weiss
Photo Courtesy of Adam Weiss

As part of a union, every other year Oceana staff members  are presented with a new contract.

The teachers, office staff, campus security, and aides all have representatives that meet with the district and discuss negotiations on a new contract.  Oceana’s new contract was up this year, and the staff members have had groups from the teachers union meeting with a delegation from the district.

Oceana and the district have had an ongoing negotiation, for the first time in many years. It is a very rare thing for teachers to get a new contract and all vote against it, but that is exactly what happened. However, it was not only teachers but also office, clerical staff, custodial staff, and people who work in a variety of areas around the school.  All staff decided to turn the contract down because they thought that this contract had been not fair enough.

Due to that, teachers have felt that there has been a lack of respect towards them. Students have all noticed in different schools, that each Thursday the teachers wear black or “respect/’ badges  as a form of protest or to raise awareness. Oceana High School does happen to be the 2nd lowest paid district in all of San Mateo County, and so the teachers think they should be paid fairly, and as equally as the other teachers within the surrounding districts.

As staff here at Oceana, many of the teachers do a lot of work that goes as far beyond their job description. So as far as a community here at Oceana, the teachers feel that they deserve better respect for their hard work. They hope to come an agreement with the district this coming week, and be able to as a whole staff vote and agree on this new contract.


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