Senior Portfolio

Photo Courtesy of ClipArt

Now that the seniors have successfully finished the Senior Exhibition project, another project brings closure to their senior year. The senior portfolio is a reflection on a senior’s past years at Oceana High School. Seniors have to do a 5 to 10 minute presentation in front of 2 to 3 teachers and 5 to 6 Juniors and talk about the changes they have experienced as they have grown up at Oceana . Seniors have to include to Oceana’s school wide outcomes in their presentations and address their personal changes.

The senior portfolio is a great reflection project for the seniors. Ending their high school careers, it is beneficial to reflect on the past four years and end on a positive note. It is important to look back on the years they have spent at their high school, not only as a student to see if they have followed through with the expected school wide outcomes but to see how they as people have grown and evolved.

The seniors are divided into several groups that present in different class rooms. The first group of seniors presented on Wednesday, April 23. The next day of portfolio presentations were the following week  on Wednesday, April 30. Both teachers and participating students reported enjoying watching the process unfold and being part of the closure of senior year.


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