School Stabbing in Pennsylvania

( Photo Credits )
( Photo Credits )







ON April 7th, 2014 a sophomore student who attended Franklin Regional Senior High School Stabbed 20 students and one adult with a kitchen knife he took from his own house.

Witnesses from the incident said that the 16 year-old kid was just walking down the hallway stabbing people. A female student who witnessed the youth stabbing someone said that he was just going up to random people and either stabbing or slashing them.  One victim dropped to the floor with a large stab wound on his chest and blood gushing.

The victims of this stabbing all where rushed to the hospital to receive immediate care. All 20 and 1 adult where distributed to 4 different hospitals. Two of the student victims went into immediate surgery and are recovering now.

The entire school was vacated to another high school and no one is at the high school, which has been declared a crime scene.  Upom hearing the news, many parents went to pick up their children.  The school did not let any student leave without a parent or legal guardian.

The 16 year old alleged attacker, who has been identified as Alex Hribal , was taken into custody right away and is facing charges and potentially time in prison. The debate that the county is having right now is determining which kind of institution to house him in, and if he mentally able to face the court system and time sentencing in prison.

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