Interim Recap: The GGNRA Experience

My Interim 2014 experience was something I don’t think I’ll ever forget!  Spending time learning about the interesting history of the various parks and national landmarks that surround the greater San Francisco area was a really nice idea for Interim.  I thank Ms. Peters and Ms. Bookwalter for taking 40 students under their wing to explore the Golden Gate National Recreational Area.

The brainchild of Ms. Bookwalter and Ms. Peters, the GGNRA Experience Interim took us 40 students in and around the city’s finest and most interesting national parks and landmarks that make San Francisco a special place.

Some obvious landmarks we visited were the Golden Gate Bridge, Crissy Field, and Alcatraz Island. I learned some new, obscure facts.  Without this Interim, I’d never know that the Golden Gate’s actual color is international orange! I would never have found out about the infamous Escape from Alcatraz controversy that involved prisoners breaking out of the penitentiary with the help of fake heads and metal spoons.

I wouldn’t even have had a clue about the gorgeous Baker Beach, the beautiful beach that hides behind the lower west side of the Golden Gate. The sands are clearly perfect for a photo-op with your friends just like the one above with all of us!

Walking through a beautiful field of grasses and flowers near Baker Beach. Photo Courtesy of InterimOfSleep
Walking through a beautiful field of grasses and flowers near Baker Beach. Photo Courtesy of InterimOfSleep

Not only was the GGNRA Experience an exhilarating, memorable interim with friends, but it also gave lessons in becoming a better member for our community. These landmarks and parks are to be appreciated and celebrated, and people really overlook the beauty that the parks serve to give the community. I believe that this Interim made me really ponder on the government-provided opportunities that we have to experience in our community. It certainly has made me more observant and grateful!

Below is a collection of just some of the photos I took during Interim! Follow InterimofSleep on Instagram for more seriously wacky photos and fun moments!

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