Interim Experience: World of Cooking

(Photo courtesy of Jason Jeong)
(Photo courtesy of Jason Jeong)

My interim for 2014 was World of Cooking, run by Mr.Yuen  and Ms.Delman. The purpose of the interim was to let the students try different foods and give them some courage to cook at home.

Every single day we started off in the nutrition room and received instruction either Mr. Yuen or Ms.Delman, and then we started to cook our first meal. After we got back from break we went back to the nutrition room and cooked our second meal. After lunch we went to the cafeteria or to Ms. Delman’s room to cook our last meal.

On Monday our first meal was tortellini that we hand made!  We then made a bean vinaigrette salad.  Tuesday the first meal we made was  egg noodles and oyster sauce, then after break we made short ribs with bbq sauce and white rice. After lunch we made sushi.

Wednesday  was a little different.  We went to San Francisco to buy our ingredients for Friday’s cook off and after we went to Japan town to explore.

Thursday we first made chilaqules which is a Mexican chip dish.  Then we made crab cakes and crab puffs, and after lunch we made a tapioca drink and homemade donuts.

Friday we had the whole day to prepare for the cook off. The cook off was where every single team got to cook anything they wanted with a school budget of $25 and create an amazing cuisine that tasted good and looked amazing. The judges were the staff from the office. After we finished we watched a movie about sushi and then we cleaned the whole nutrition room.

It was a great interim – amazing food, amazing people, great teachers.  Everyone had a good time, so if you wanna try different cuisines and have fun sign up for this interim next year!!!

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