Look Back At Senior Ex


After over 7 months of hard work, stress, and concentration, Senior Exhibition is finally over.  All seniors are required to pass the Senior Exhibition in order to graduate from Oceana. It has been a long and challenging process for the seniors.

There are many steps for Senior Exhibition. The first step is finding a controversial topic and coming up with an essential question.

Next is researching the topic. Not only the side of the topic which the students agree with, but also the other point of view. Finding and conducting two interviews is very difficult for some students because it can be challenging to get replies to the emails that they sent or phone calls that they have made. The people they interview must be experts on the topic they are researching. For all of the information and research that was found, an annotated work cited page is also necessary to prove the credibility of the information and sources.

After thoroughly researching the topic, each senior writes a paper showing both sides of the argument. The papers include an introduction, background, the points of view, and a conclusion. Each paper is at least 15 pages long.

The final part of the senior exhibition is presenting. The seniors practice a lot in front of their classmates. They all first start with presenting for 5 minutes, then 10 minutes, then 15 and finally 20 minutes. The presentation shows the essential question, their answer to the essential question with evidence and reasoning, and a counterclaim with rebuttal.


Successful Seniors
Successful Seniors

The seniors have struggled and have learned from this project, and as a result it is very meaningful to them.  Everyone learns how to write a 15-page research paper and how to manage time with all of the stressful deadlines.  They have struggled in many ways including finding interviews when no one replies or responds to emails or phone calls, and presenting in front of a classroom of students and a community evaluator for 20 minutes.

It was and is a very meaningful project for all of Oceana’s  seniors because they learn how to present better and improve on their writing skills. These skills are useful as they will continue to use throughout college, their careers, and the rest of their lives.  Many are glad and relieved that they passed and it is finally over.

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