“Kill Switch” to Reduce Phone Theft

Photo courtesy of redorbit.com
Photo courtesy of redorbit.com

A new feature to Android phones will be added to prevent and reduce the amount of phones that are stolen every year.  This feature is called the “kill switch” and it works by  erasing all data and locking the phone so it no longer functions when it is stolen.

Law enforcement state that this new feature will prevent phone theft because the incentive will be lost if the data is automatically erased when stolen.

According to Consumer Reports, there were approximately 1.6 million phones stolen in 2012, and the majority of these phones were stolen in major cities such as Washington D.C. and San Francisco.

This new feature was signed by many major smartphone companies including Samsung and Apple.  Also many of the phone service providers also agreed and signed onto this new feature including AT&T, Verizon, T- Mobile, and Sprint.

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