Top Three Spring Outfits

Its spring time and the trends are changing!  Here are the top three outfits for women to wear in the spring:


Spring is the best time to take out your floral jeans and pair them with a plain shirt.  In this outfit, wearing a thick white cardigan and a plain shirt with floral jeans makes the outfit look very seasonal and simple.  So don’t forget this is your time to wear floral jeans!


Floral patterned Kimonos are really in this year.  Simply wearing a floral kimono with a tank top and high-waisted shorts will make you look fashionable and casual.  Kimonos can be very pricey, ranging from $10 to $50.  If you ever want a kimono, making it yourself out of two sheer scarves is the cheapest way.  During the spring time, this outfit is the outfit is appropriate when it is a very sunny and hot day.


During the spring, there are many presentations in school, so looking formal but being warm and presentable can be the most important thing.  Pairing a floral skirt with a tank top achieve this comfortable, warm but formal look.  In the spring, the classic colors are pastel and neon, as well as floral patterns.  This outfit, like the two above, makes use of a loud floral pattern skirt paired with a simple, solid tank and black ankle boots.  To pull the outfit together, a blazer is a good way to make this outfit so much cuter!

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