Attention! Lifeguard Training Oppertunity

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Interested in becoming a Life Guard or aiding others???   The American Red Cross is offering Life Guard Training!  This course will train you in the proper rescue skills, from reconizing a water rescue situation to learning and training to be a responsible lifeguard.  The full course will train you in Life Guarding, First Aid, and CPR. 

This course takes place in the Jean E. Brink Pool, 401 Paloma, Pacifica (here on the Oceana campus).  To take this course, you must be atleast 15 years old and a good swimmer.  Further qualifications to take this course can be found here.

To complete the course, you must attend all classes, pass all pratical skill tests, and pass all writing materials and tests.  Class meetings are on May 24 (8:30-3:30 pm), May 25 (8:30-3:30 pm), May 26 (10-5 pm), May 31 (8:30-3:30 pm), and June 1 (8:30-1:30 pm)

If you are interested, you can register here.

Registration ends by May 19.

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