FAME Update

Photo courtesy of Oceana's FAME Advisory
Photo courtesy of Oceana’s FAME Advisory

As the evening of FAME gets closer an update to the line up has been announced!

The evening is this Friday, April 25th, 2014 from 6:00pm-10:00pm.

The evening will start off with an Open Mic in the Little Theater and there will be a Gallery open in room 118 that will be displaying  work from Visual Arts classes and Ms. Madden, Ms. Pemberton and Mr. Duca’s interim.

Snacks and beverages will be available for purchase.  All proceeds go to on-campus clubs, interims, and fund-raising efforts.

There will be other activities and performances during the night.  This includes performances from teachers Mr. Orth and Mr. Gould and Mr Aldeguer, Oceana’s Chorus and Music Club, Dance Class, and Poetry Slam Club.

There will also be video productions shown from Mr. Reidy’s interim and a video preview that will be shown in the little theater at the end of the event of the shadow puppet theater  that will be happening this fall.

Tickets are $3.00 per student and $5.00 per adult OR free with a donation of 5 cans of food for the Interact can-drive. If you are interested in performing at Open Mic, email Mr. Cruickshank at Fameadvisory@gmail.com.

Come out to FAME and celebrate Oceana’s fountain of talent!


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