Oceana’s 2014 Prom: Escape to Neverland

Photo Courtesy of Denise Hensley
Photo Courtesy of Denise Hensley

Its that time of the year!  Prom is fast approaching!

The perfect way to start off the big night of course is with a promposal!  So be sure to find your date!

Next is to make sure that you have everything off your checklist! So for the girls, be sure to find that perfect dress soon. For the guys, be sure to find the right tux/suit!

Last but not least be sure to get your ticket. If you buy them this week, they will be $65 (prices go up every week). Each ticket will include a map, a food ticket, dessert ticket, 2 photo-booth tickets and a Life Touch packet for your prom pictures!

Very Important!  If you are bringing a guest, ALL guest forms are due back to Mrs. Bookwalter by April 28th.

Event Details:  Oceana’s theme this year will be “Escape to Neverland” taken from the story of Peter Pan.  The event will be held on May 3rd, 2014 at Fort Mason in San Francisco. It will start from 6:30pm and end at 10pm.

The night will be full of dancing, eating, and a very enjoyable time with your fellow Juniors and Seniors! Don’t be one to miss out on the spectacular and memorable night of Oceana’s 2014 Prom.



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