Man Dies at Bart Station.

courtesy by  Rigoberto Hernandez
courtesy by Rigoberto Hernandez

On march 10 Sunday night a tragic accident happened at the Balboa BART station, in San Francisco. A man fell from the danger zone where there is a yellow large and wide strip on the floor of the station to warn people to not step too close to the train as it arrives, but also to stop anyone from falling onto the tracks , as it could lead to people getting hurt.

The man fell onto the train tracks and was hurt from the fall, and died instantly. The man’s name is unknown so their was little information about the state of the body.

Due to the unexpected cause of death the BART station was put on hold for two hours, causing many people to be late and angry. Not only were the people going in and out of the Balboa Bart station affected but every stop from Daly City station to Embarcadero. Along with the death of the man there was also traffic due to a fire connected to a construction project, causing a delay for the police and ambulance who were trying to retrieve the body and let the BART cars start their daily routines once again.

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