Talents Shine at Multicultural Rally 2014

What a day! With many thanks to the performers, ASB officers and Rally Commissioner Daniel Francisco, this year’s Multicultural Rally was something to look forward to!   And so many talents shined!

Below are photo galleries of the awesome and special highlights that made this year’s Multicultural so memorable.

The OHS Dance Team opened the Multicultural Rally as they were the first act.  Senior Julie Suas led the team as every dance member performed gracefully to Calvin Harris and Florence + the Machine’s song “Sweet Nothing.”

The eclectic styles and energetic dances of K-Pop music were celebrated by a group of students. With high-energy choreography and a few amazing moves performed by senior Brian Angeles and juniors Rachel Pineda and Tenzin Sharzur, the K-Pop group pulled off quite a show! Performers: Brian Angeles, Delaney Reich, Tenzin Sharzur, Cristine Marcella, Kathy Liang, Kristine Aulachong, Bryce Abille, Marco Macay, Mikee Gacad.

Three amazing voice performances were given, including by Alicia Batrez and junior Shoshana Moed, plus a jaw-dropping electric guitar performance given by senior Joe Manio! We certainly wanted more!

Seniors Nekeisha Barnett-McNeil and Hannah Szentkuti wowed the school audience as they performed their belly dancing piece Azziza.

Seniors Kamiah Diccion and Jessica Pineda gave two solo performances. Pineda showed off her hula dancing mastery while Diccion took control of the audience with her Tahitian-style dancing.

To view more photos during the rally, go to Christian Abellera’s Flickr page here!

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