Get Ready for Prom!

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Getting ready for prom can be really stressful, and can cost a lot of money!  Planning it out n0w can give you a little extra breathing room before prom comes.

First and for most, start looking for your prom dress!  Dress styles depend on what grade you are in.  Typically Juniors tend to wear short dresses, while the Seniors wear long.  Luckily when searching online for a prom dress, you can filter what you’re looking for: length, color, or size.

Click here to check out Bloomingdale’s prom shop

Or Click here to check out Nordstrom’s Prom dresses 


Now, for people who do  not think they can purchase these dresses, check out this great deal: The Princess Project. This project has free beautiful dresses for girls all around San Francisco who do not want to miss out on prom due to the expense! This give-a-way dresses event will be held at 2099 Market Street. There will be on held this Saturday, March 15th. So come drop in and check it out! There will be a following giveaway the 22nd, but you must schedule an appointment for that give-a-way in order to attend. Make your appointment now to pick out your free dress! First come first serve! Bring along your student ID, and even a friend or parent to help you shop! If you have any questions or concerns please email, or visit their website at This is a great oppurtunity to receive and you will save hundreds of dollars! So drop by to try and find your free dress!


Now, not only do you need to find the right dress, but always the right shoes!  Juniors, they will definitely need to worry about what shoes they will wear.  There are many shoes to chose from, and tons that can match your dress!

Click here to view Macy’s Prom Shoes section

Finally, to top off your whole Prom-look, you have to complete your makeup and hair-styles!
If you do not already know how to do your hair or makeup, or do not plan on getting it professionally done, you can watch an online tutorial!  There are plenty of very helpful tutorials that you can watch, so you can save money and style your own makeup and hair all at home.  Here are a few tutorials that can help you achieve the look you might consider doing for Prom!

1st prom-look 

2nd prom-look


Your prom night will definitely be one to remember, so planning steps like these out can really help you prepare for the right look that you will want!



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