F.A.M.E Night Preview


Photo courtesy of Bridget Pocasangre
Photo courtesy of Bridget Pocasangre

Oceana will be having its first F.A.M.E. night (Fine Art Means Enrichment).  F.A.M.E. will be taking place at Oceana High school on the evening of April 25 from 7:00-9:30PM.

The evening will have live performances from Oceana students and different Interims. Performances will be by:

  • Oceana’s Chorus Class, which will be the headline for the night.
  • Mr. Cruickshank’s interim students, creating The Princess Bride Shadow Puppet Theater.
  • Oceana Dance Class  
  • Music Club
  • Slam Club
  • Open Mic

And a gallery that includes work from:

  • Ms. Uhrenholt’s Interim
  • Ms. Madden’s Interim
  • Mr. Reidy’s Interim
  • Visual Arts students’ Sustainable Architecture project
  • Advanced Visual Arts  students’ “Hero’s Journey Printed Wordless Graphic Novel”

There might be room in the gallery for more.

Additional info:

This is a ticketed event!!  Tickets are currently on sale by students in the FAME advisory priced at $3.00 per student and $5.00 per adult OR Free with a donation of 5 cans of food for the Interact can-drive.   If you have already purchased a ticket, make sure that you check that the ticket has the right date, some tickets show the wrong date of the event.

Also, FAME is in need of club or two to do refreshments for before the show and during Intermission (your group keeps the proceeds) – let Mr. Cruickshank know if your club is interested.

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