23 kids and counting

Jim bob and Michelle Duggar are father and mother of 23 kids in 2014.

Michelle and Jim first started off on TLC with a show called 17 Kids and Counting.  Later on in their first show Michelle got pregnant again with her 18th kid.  When the season ended Michelle changed her show’s name to 18 Kids and Counting.

All of these children are a year or two the most apart . Michelle and Jim enjoy having the company of all their children. When their first and oldest son got married they where happy but still wanted more children.  Today they have 23 kids. Some are in college and some are just about to start pre-school.
When Michelle and Jim did an interview with TLC recently in January of 2014 they said they really would enjoy to have plenty more, but still are indecisive if they want any more.  Michelle still has not opted for sterilization but says that that is a decision her and her husband would have to make together.  When asked how family life is with all 22 kids at home (since one is already married and has a child of his own) she says it’s busy but it’s fun to be around so many children and knowing they are all hers and she feels a lot of love from each and everyone of them.

TLC asked if it was hard to keep up with all of there names and she said it’s not. Sometimes she does confuse their names but it’s really easy to tell them all apart because they all have a unique aspect in there personality that tells each and everyone of them apart.

Michelle said she always dreamed of having a big family herself because her mother and father have 6 children in total and she loves the way they lived, but Jim in the other hand only had an older sister. The Duggars live in a little town call Tontitown in Arkansas.  Everyone in the town knows of them and knows who they are . Michelle and Jim really enjoy having as many children as they do and don’t regret having all 23!

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