Passenger jet disappears

Flight 370, a Boeing 777 jetliner carrying 239 people, flying from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing, disappeared on Saturday, March 4th. Just two hours after leaving Kuala Lumpur, the plane disappeared form all radars. The airline says the pilots didn’t send any distress signals, suggesting a sudden and possibly catastrophic incident.

Search teams have been dispatched to find the missing plane. Over the past few days, the search mission has grown to include nine aircraft and 24 ships from nine countries, which have been scouring the Gulf of Thailand on the eastern side of Malaysia. Apart from the sea, land areas are also being searched. China, where two-thirds of the passengers were from, have urged Malaysian authorities to “speed up the efforts,” while also contributing ships and helicopters to the search.

The search began on Saturday morning at the point the plane was last known to be. But with no debris found, the search has been systematically expanded to include areas where the plane could have in theory ended up, given the amount of fuel it had on board. That is an area many thousands of square miles wide.

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