OHS Baseball Team Update

(Photo courtesy of Avangeline Balingit)
(Photo courtesy of Avangeline Balingit)

Spring 2014 looks like a good year to bring back baseball for Oceana High School, and it is long overdue.  For the first time since 2009, Oceana will have its own baseball team.  Because of whether conditions and other complications, the creation of the team failed last year, and their status was neither a team nor club.

Building a new team takes commitment and determination.  The new team has been practicing every day after school since the semester resumed after winter break.  They expressed a desire to take every lesson seriously and to learn something new every day.  The team has had the opportunity to build a lot of chemistry and claim to have grown on each other over the past few weeks.  They expressed a love of the team and of going to practice, simply for the passion of playing baseball.  They critique each other on what they need to improve and work on, but have fun doing it.  It is not all work, though.  They like to joke around a lot.  They see themselves as a perfect combination of guys that love to play baseball and have a great time playing for each other.

This year’s team consists of boys of all grades, but the majority are mainly lower classmen.  The team members consist of Mackenzie Leroy (freshman), CJ Montalvo (freshman), Doug (sophomore), Dylan Lehman (sophomore), Alex “Mendez” (sophomore), Ashruf Gubari (sophomore), Julio Ramos (junior), Omar Garibaldi (junior), Nick Der (senior), Miguel Gacuma (senior), Gabriel Ramos (senior), and Zephan Parangan-Chu (senior).

This year’s coach will be Mr. Montalvo, who is CJ’s father.  He has coached both little league baseball and college ball in the past.  Montalvo has been a hitting and pitching coach for college ball and has been the main coach for several little league teams.  CJ Montalvo stated, “This is my first year here at Oceana and I have always wanted to play for my high school.  I feel like our chances are really good and we have a lot of potential on this team.  There’s many guys on our team that have a lot of talent and as long as we believe in each other, we should be able to go far this season.”

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