Artist review: Christina Perri

Christina Perri is a singer, musician, and song writer from Philadelphia. Perri mostly focuses and sings love songs, but not just the mushy, lovey-dovey ones.  She also sings about the breakups and the dark times in a relationship. Perri’s work is amazing and every song she sings is heartfelt and meaningful.  Perri taught herself how to play guitar at age 16 and always loved music. Perri always tried to make her way in the music business,  but when at first nothing was working Perri married and moved to Florida.  18 months later she divorced and moved into a small studio and focused mainly on her music.

photo courtesy of
photo courtesy of

Her first best seller was a song called ‘Jar of Hearts”.  It’s a heart-felt love song and is on her album Lovestrong.  The song become popular when it played on “So You Think You Can Dance”.  Later her song ” A thousand Years” got everyone’s attention when it was played in Twilight saga: Breaking Dawn.  Over 4 million copies of the song were sold.  She then later created her holiday song album A Very Merry Perri Christmas.  Her newest release is her song ‘Human”, released on April 1,2014.  This is a song about how people can only change themselves for so long to make some one else happy.  People are only human.

Now Perri continues to tweet and post pictures on Instagram of her living her dream.  Perri also has a tour coming out called Head or Heart, which is also the name of her brand new album.

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