Senior Corner: March Madness!!

Photo Courtesy of AJ Carpio.
Your fellow senior ASB officers! Not present in picture: Daniel Francisco, Denise Hensley, and Dominic Cicerone. Photo Courtesy of AJ Carpio.

The Weekly Fog is now having its very own Senior Corner!  Seniors are probably wondering what’s in store for them as it gets closer to graduation.  So the Weekly Fog staff feel it is necessary that we give the student body the latest details on the activities and events for Seniors.

Senior Exhibition

Cheer on, Seniors!  It’s almost Senior Exhibition Day!  While it is an extremely terrifying event to most seniors, some may find it relieving as the project finally ends.  The oral presentation day will occur on Friday, March 21st throughout the entire school day.

For those of you (ahem, underclassmen) who do not know much about it, Senior Exhibition is a year-long project that all seniors take on, beginning during their summer vacation before senior year.  Seniors pick a controversial topic, form an essential question, and research it, eventually gaining a substanital amount of knowledge.  They then turn their research into a 15-page minimum argumentative paper with the final answer to their essential question.

After writing this paper, all seniors then prepare for an oral presentation that demonstrates their understanding of the controversy and presents their answer to the essential question. The presentation must be at least 20 minutes long and cannot be longer than 30 minutes.  The student body and members of the community form the audience for the presentation.

This time is a really stressful time for the seniors, so please keep encouraging them to be successful on March 21st and secure their walk on that stage at graduation!

Multicultural Talent Show

It’s that time of the year again!  The Multicultural Talent Show allows students of all classes to express their talents and put on a show for the whole school!  The talent show will be on March 14th in the gymnasium. Multicultural screenings will held this Friday at lunch by your ASB members.

OHS Prom 2014

Prom season has started!  Our school’s junior-senior prom will be held at the Fort Mason Center on the first Saturday of May on the 3rd.  The theme this year is “Neverland” and Prom Committee is working really hard to make Prom a night to remember for both juniors and especially seniors.  Save the date, guys!

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