Interact Club has New Project Happening

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Interact already has helped raised money for the Philippines and helped two families make Christmas happen this year.  Now they are on to their next project: gathering food for the Pacifica Resource Center.  Interact will be having a food drive here at Oceana, but there is an interesting twist to this one.  The more cans of food they get the more teachers get pied in the face!

There will be a points system for the different kind of canned foods.  The points system is as follows:

Raviolis- 1 point

Dry pastas (small package)-1 point

Jams and jellies -3 points

Dry cereal- 1 point

Pasta sauce-1 point

Canned meats- 3 points

Canned tuna- 3 points

Baby food- 3 points

Canned salmon- 3 points

Beef stew- 2 points

Hearty soups- 3 points

The more points the students bring in the more teachers that will get pied.  Interact is now in the process of making posters and gathering teachers to volunteer to have their faces pied.  There will be more information on when and where this will be happening and where to drop off the cans later, so check in again.

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image courtesy of

You can learn more about the Pacifica resource center by visiting

visit their Facebook page

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