Promposals: How To

Hurry! Prom is coming soon!  As this memorable and important night gets closer and closer, so do the worries of having the perfect prom date to attend with!

Most people find themselves uncertain of how to ask out that perfect prom date.  However, there are many different and exceptional ways in which you can do this.

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Create a poster!  You can design it however you like, or even give it a certain theme.  This is where you can be very creative.  To go along with it you can either bring flowers, chocolates, or maybe even something more personal that you know your potential date is interested in.  This is overall a very thoughtful and creative way to ask your prom date!

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Make a sign or cut-out! This is one of the best ways to ask someone to prom.  Create individual letters that spell out “Prom?”  You can bring in many friends along to help with this idea!  They can hold up each letter, while you surprise your prom-date.  It would be a very efficient way of asking, as well as very unexpected!

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Photo Courtesy of

Message in a bottle!   Another romantic and thoughtful idea is asking your prom-date with a message in a bottle.  Not only is this very creative, but its something that your date could definitely cherish and keep forever.  You can place this in a locker for a surprise or even hand it to them personally.  This will be a very sweet way of asking!

Finding the perfect and simplest way to ask your date to prom can be hard.  So if you are unsure how you want to prompose, choose one of these sincere and entertaining ways of doing so!

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